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Jandamarra asks his warriors to gaze over the open expanse of the Outback, for it is what shall mould them, and is what will make their empire great. To the north, the Gajah Mada makes vital improvements to Surabaya, but finds himself unable to find any land suitable for farming. Gajah will have to rely on the sea to keep his beautful rotund figure.

God damnit Gajah Mada. Arguably the worst Vanilla civ in the game is at least given some leeway in BR Mk II. Close to extinction before the collapse of the first game, Indonesia may have better odds with an Australia now preoccupied with the Kimberley, buying it crucial time to expand throughout, well, Indonesia. Still, a weak UU and dismal history of performance leave this island civ very low on our rankings and rightfully so, to climb higher they'll have some proving to do.

Ranking: 56/61